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I offer free PR consulting services to small businesses
looking to elevate their public profile.

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Public relations is a field of communications focused on earning, rather than buying customers. Many small business owners spend thousands on direct marketing efforts. They often forget the free PR tactics they could be implementing to drive even greater profits.

Tuna Trending assists small business owners by offering completely free PR consulting services. As is often requested, more ongoing public relations support can be arranged for a fraction of the cost of a large agency. If you’re ready to meet, you can set up an appointment here.


Meet Stephen Fortuna

Founder and Head Consultant

Stephen has worked on everything from social media for a local start-up to government relations for an international church. He has come to understand that at the core of every successful organization is a series of vital relationships. Learn about his experience here. Read testimonials here.

How can Public Relations Help My Business?

Public relations strategies and tactics can get your business attention, increase sales, and turn everyday customers into powerful brand advocates. And it’s cheap.

PR means Engaging the Community

Has your business ever had a booth at a festival? Won an award? Been interviewed for the local newspaper? These are just a few easy ways you can introduce yourself to potential customers – and have a good time doing it. Being a part of the community can also help you develop deeper relationships with regulars.

PR means Thriving Online

If you don’t have a robust online strategy, you’re missing out on a simple, cheap way to drive profits. By using social media, content marketing, SEO and more you can build an exciting online community around your brand. Customers who are a part of your online ecosystem will become more loyal and vocally supportive.

PR means Improving Your Product

In order to deliver the perfect product, you need to understand your customers perfectly. You can start the conversation. Focus groups, surveys, and one-on-one interviews are powerful tools. They can teach you a lot about what simple changes will make a big effect on how customers experience your business.

Let’s talk more.

I’d love to teach you what I know about public relations and help you form a winning strategy for your business. Let’s meet up.

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