(Social Media + Email Marketing)

The Problem: RaceTri is a local triathlon company whose owners are looking simply to make enough profits to send their kids out on missions and to college. Their email list and social media following were vastly underutilized.

What I Did: After researching RaceTri’s customer base, I made more than 150 branded social media posts and sent over 30 marketing emails.

How it Helped: My efforts have contributed to a 25% registration increase over the previous year and helped RaceTri become the fastest growing triathlon company in the state.

“Stephen is a game changer! It is without reservation that I enthusiastically recommend him for your organization.”

Aaron, Owner of RaceTri

For Quarters

(Content Marketing + Networking)

The Problem: For Quarters is a housing contract marketplace designed for colleges in Utah. As a start-up, they struggled with brand awareness and product development.

What I Did: I created a team including two others to post daily for two months on social media pages, write weekly for a blog, network face-to-face with over 30 potential key partners, generate weekly analytics reports, organize work events, and advise on product features.

How it Helped: Achieved steady growth in social, placement in The Universe newspaper, increased website traffic by 18%, and set For Quarters up for future success.

“Stephen treated my company with the utmost professionalism and respect. Advertising designs, strategy implementation, growth charts… not only was the quality great, but he was fun to work with.”

Spencer, Owner of For Quarters


(Survey Research + Community Relations)

The Problem: Brigham Young University is a phenomenal college with an enthusiastic student body; However, there is room for improvement in eliciting student feedback with an eye for potential improvements.

What I Did: I designed and headed up BYU student government’s newest program, Student Voice, that involved leading a team of 25 to administer a suggestion-gathering survey to 2,000 students. We then did research and interfaced with university administrators on 11 campus improvement projects based on those suggestions.

How it Helped: During my time in the position, I saw the completion of many projects including the addition of bicycle pumps to bike racks, alteration of library hours, expansion of gym services, and more.

“Stephen works efficiently and always is a step ahead of the game. He always completed work with in-depth analysis and made the best decisions possible for the whole of the organization. I respect Stephen and his ingenuity.”

Kendra, VP of Student Advisory Council

Thread Wallets

(Brand Research + Ad Creation)

The Problem: Thread Wallets is a wildly popular minimalist wallet seller; However, their brand has been hijacked almost entirely by female customers, and is in danger of excluding potential male clients.

What I Did: I collaborated with a group of advertisers to research and reposition the Threat Wallets brand to better sell to the male demographic. We conducted analysis of online reviews and garnered insights from a study of similar brands.

How it Helped: What developed was a brand ambassador program that has successfully drawn in more diverse groups of customers nation-wide.

“You guys did a great job. You were all very professional and great to work with. Thanks for the great insights.”

Colby, Owner of Thread Wallets

SLAB Pizza

(Customer Experience Research + Design)

The Problem: SLAB pizza is a small restaurant chain with a unique product offering: giant slabs of specialty pizza. However, they provide customers with an underwhelming restaurant experience.

What I Am Doing: I am currently working with the owner to research customer satisfaction and determine what touch-points in the buyers’ journey need to be elevated, and how.

How it Will Help: Once research is complete I will produce insights for SLAB pizza that will make the restaurant one that customers increasingly praise online and in conversation with friends.

[Quote available upon completion of project]

Andy, Owner of SLAB Pizza

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